June 2018 Woman of NOTE: Amber Rose

A woman that turns heads and empowers others to live their truth?! That's a #WomanofNOTE.

Fueled by the judgments and criticisms of her past, Amber Rose uses her platform to take a stance against slut-shaming and other damaging social ideologies. As a victim of verbal assault on her body and sexual double standards, she started SlutWalk in 2015 to empower other women (and men) to reclaim ownership of their bodies. Each year, thousands gather and march in Downtown LA in this movement toward gender equality. 

“When you really stop caring about what people say, that’s when you really start living. It’s such an amazing feeling. It’s about loving who you are, owning who you are and knowing that it’s O.K. to live your life how you want to live it ... I want to help women just be happy in their own skin.”

Thanks, Amber Rose, for being unapologetically yourself and using your voice to uplift others. You can read more about Amber and join in her cause here: http://amberroseslutwalk.com.